Who we Are

Sanga Technologies Limited is an innovative company founded by experienced professionals who understand how business is done in today’s world. The diverse background and experience of its founders makes Sanga Technologies an intelligent product & service provider in Zambia.

How We Work

We excel in the business of human potential, and believe in its power to shape strategic, organizational, economic, and societal change.​ Sanga is one of Zambia’s business technology, creativity and innovation Centre. Based in Lusaka, with enthusiastic idea solutions, sought to address the gaps that are experienced when working with the local technology industry.

Sanga has evolved into assisting SME’s to large organization of any background by accelerating growth, strengthening networks, increasing collaboration, providing a platform for customer & client exchange and reducing the barriers of conducting business


To provide unparalleled quality product & services to our clients with a view to increase their productivity and capacity by observing industry best practices. Our Vision describes where we want to go and values describe how we get there - and stay there  


Our aim is to remain the leading tech hub in the region. To achieve this, a strong focus has been placed on quality of service to our customers. Sanga Technologies Limited is and will continue implementation of best practices based on its vast experience and unique knowledge of the global market conditions.

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