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Shared rides are better than ever. Prime will look for riders along your route whose destination is closer or along the way as yours. Ensure to be polite and respectful at all times - together, you are saving money.

All Things PrimePOOL

When you need a ride, but are on a budget, a comfortable ride does not have to be out of the picture.

That’s where PrimePOOL comes into play. If you are not opposed to riding with strangers — much like on a bus — PrimePool can offer you great prices for a reliable ride that meets all of Prime’s standards.

With PrimePool, you can get matched with other passengers going in the same direction you are going. Since you are on the same trip, Prime splits the cost between you and the other riders.
Drivers can pick up multiple riders on these Pool trips and continue to earn, what we call back-to-back of pickups and drop-offs.

What is PrimePool?
Prime matches you with other passengers on PrimePool trips. It looks for other riders who have pickups and destinations along the same path as your pickup and destination.

As you ride, your driver will stop to pick up other riders before you reach your destination. It is possible to pick up and drop off more than one person between your pick-up and final destinations.

This adds time to your trip, of course and it works well when you are flexible with arrival time. You will see an expected time of arrival in the Prime app before accepting the PrimePool service.

One important feature to note is that, you cannot reserve more than two seats with PrimePool. This ensures that there is always room for other riders on these types of Prime rides.

Why is PrimePool an Attractive Option?
PrimePool offers a cheaper alternative to paying for a ride. For drivers, it can keep you busier than dropping off passengers and waiting for the next trip to start. PrimePool can keep you constantly earning for an hour or longer during peak times.

How Does PrimePool Work for Riders?
The concept behind PrimePool is that some riders would rather save a little money by sharing their trips with other Prime customers. PrimePool is an on-demand shared ride service that connects you to a driver, in addition to other riders who are headed in the same direction as you.

When you open the Prime app to request a ride, you will see options for PrimePool. Select the PrimePool option to confirm your choice. Keep in mind that you cannot request PrimePool for two or more people It only lets you reserve a seat for yourself and one companion.

The app displays your estimated arrival time, as well as when your driver should arrive for the pickup.

Where is PrimePool Offered?
PrimePool exists in the biggest markets such as Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe, Livingstone, Kabwe, Kasama, Chipata, and more. Locate your town to find out if PrimePool exists there. Open the app and look for the PrimePool option. 

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